Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Death Star Threat Modeling

Presentation from HOPE 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

appropriate work email

Today I got an email at work with this little image attached in the signature. While I adore the cute little stick cartoon, it reminded me of my overall annoyance with the fluffy whole screen stationary emails where the background is so cluttered with flowers, babies and crap that you can barely read the text. Don’t get me wrong… the sig image was fine, it just reminded me of the whole page images that have become one of my pet peeves.

I think that email policies should include the blocking of HTML stationary, but that’s just me. Since HTML email is displayed using your browser, any security vulnerabilities of your browser are also true for the email you read. If you’re going to do it anyway, please make it readable. There is nothing worse that emailing back and forth with someone over an Anne Geddes baby picture where the text blends into the silly flowers in the image. Save it for your tacky web pages full of dancing hamsters with streaming wav files.

Friday, July 18, 2008

the last hope - cnet article

How cool... Kev just made it into cnet, cnn and a few other news channels

Who would have known that “death star threat modeling” would be so popular?

After my response calculation on drinking alignment…


for each drink<>gin


if Symgoddess:action="drinking" then



if drink=sake+beer then



If ninjaskillz>0 then creativesolution=creativesolution+1


if drink=mojito then


if drink=vodka then


if vodka=greygoose then

Symigoddess:action="drinking" else

If vodka=well then



end until drink=empty

if drink=empty and symigoddess:location="San Diego" then



if sushi=true then






I am really craving some CA sushi. zenbu is one of my favs. TX sushi is really lacking. We have Uchi in Austin which is more American high end sushi inspired gastronomy, and Godai which for San Antonio is pretty impressive… but neither compare to CA. I guess it’s the proximity to the fish. Living in TX is my first time living more than 20 minutes from an Ocean. I miss living off the Pacific, and the Atlantic too. I have a trip to the eastern shore in August right before SEC, so I will have to get in my fix of blue crabs and seafood when I am out there.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

creative solutions

Do you really want to see my name up there 15-20 times??? I don’t.

I want to see your ideas! Submit now!!!

Episys® Creative Solution Submissions

We will be featuring another installment of Creative Solutions at this year’s Educational Conference and Technology Expo, during which we will share our clients’ best practices with all conference attendees.

As always, we need your help to make this session a success. We need your Creative Solutions to showcase. If you have developed any programs or processes that are saving your credit union time and money, improving customer service, or otherwise contributing to your credit union's success, we want to hear about them. Your submission should briefly describe the situation, the solution you developed (note that it can be PowerOn or SymConnect-driven or something else entirely!), and the benefits of its implementation to your credit union. Screen shots or report output should be included, if appropriate.

In addition to providing your credit union with high visibility at the conference, each person who submits at least one entry will receive a $10 Amazon gift certificate, and we will enroll his or her credit union in a drawing to win one of three free registrations for this year’s conference. For each creative solution you submit (regardless of whether we include it in the session), your credit union will receive one entry in the free registration drawing. The more creative solutions you submit, the better your chances of winning a free conference registration. And the more submissions we receive, the more the Creative Solutions session will benefit all of our attendees.

Please send your submissions to Barbara Fraire ( by Friday, July 25, 2007.

okay.. so lots of people don't know.

From the emailed responses I see that lots of people don’t know about the free music.


The thread below is a google hack. Sorry I didn’t specify J

free music

How are there still people unaware of how to download mp3s for free?

-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:"index of" mp3 "bowie"

This command will find open directories with mp3 files with Bowie. Obviously you can change the band name or file type to better define your search. There are tons of mods to this string that work great for all types of file types. I have yet to come up empty on a search.

Free music. Why pay 99 cents to a corporation for a download? Seriously?

I support my musicians wallets in plenty of other ways.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

power point pressure

“PowerPoint also can liven up an otherwise boring topic. In addition to using vibrant text and background colors, presenters can choose from a wide variety of clip art and photos. And when using PowerPoint's animation and sound options, these graphics can shake, rattle and roll.”

IMHO Power point is causing my current migraine. They need a format all button to go back and make everything pretty for me. I have the content… I have the slide anecdotes and pics added in for humor. Now I just need a magic reformat button so I don’t have to stay late.

In other randomness. I was going to use my Les Paul for myBio pic… but I opted for Elvis instead.