Wednesday, July 23, 2008

appropriate work email

Today I got an email at work with this little image attached in the signature. While I adore the cute little stick cartoon, it reminded me of my overall annoyance with the fluffy whole screen stationary emails where the background is so cluttered with flowers, babies and crap that you can barely read the text. Don’t get me wrong… the sig image was fine, it just reminded me of the whole page images that have become one of my pet peeves.

I think that email policies should include the blocking of HTML stationary, but that’s just me. Since HTML email is displayed using your browser, any security vulnerabilities of your browser are also true for the email you read. If you’re going to do it anyway, please make it readable. There is nothing worse that emailing back and forth with someone over an Anne Geddes baby picture where the text blends into the silly flowers in the image. Save it for your tacky web pages full of dancing hamsters with streaming wav files.

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