Friday, June 5, 2009

Tastes like RepGen

If you know me.. you know that the two non-human loves of my life are code and food. So is it really all that surprising that I spend a great deal of time posting randomly on those two subjects?

A few years back the two merged and became RG - FOOD. A specfile html decision engine for lunch determination. Lately I have been consumed with other more relevant projects at work, so I use my twitter and facebook outlets to handle my food porn addiction.

While having lunch yesterday, a coworker questioned my iPhone picture taking of a bowl of rather tasy Pho. I tried to explain the food porn/blogging/posting thing and they clearly did not understand. The comment "you're a programmer, aren't you supposed to eat crap/" struck a nerve.

One, that's a horrible stereotype and two, most programmers I know have a great palate and enjoy eating yummy delicious stuff as much as I do.

I also know plenty of people who do get me and my love of being a foodie - and even more who love benefiting from my obsessive need to counter my workaholic nature with marathon kitchen therapy sessions and ten course tasting menus.

So in honor of that.. I proudly post my top foodie finds of the week:
all of the items below have arrived at my desk this week in gift form for random geek performed tasks such as coding work or PC rebuilding in my spare time. It's not even my birthday yet! I feel loved!

I need a sign for my office "will perform geek tasks for food porn inspiration"

Coconut M&Ms... yes it seems that even the candy industry is attempting to re-invent a perfectly good thing into something it's not. Luckily for us the M&M company is good at making exceptions! Coconut m&ms are sweet and tropical. Think island paradise where you are being fanned with palm leaves and tended to by Grecian sculpted bodies.... okay.. maybe not that good, but close.

Wild Cherry! They are made with a dark semi sweet which puts them at the top of my yum list. They are rich and decadent and worth indulging with each luscious bite.

Thanks to anonymous CU gifter for sending me samples of chocolate yum.

Danzka Vodka! Stright of the plane from Norway (Thanks Brenda)
The bottle is "made to chill" and goes great with pool parties.

This vodka is one of my favorites for making martinis.
Try this recipe:
1 part Danzka
1 part cranberry juice
2 parts grapefruit

Pink Oranges!!! I got some of these as a gift Monday and had to run out and buy an entire bag.
I'd heard rumors of this new hybrid fruit and sure enough the local Costco brought in a shipment.
I pulled out my desk paring knife (how weird would it be to carry my chef's knife case to work?) and revealed pink flesh. Pink! Glossy, tiny little sacs straining with sweet citrus. I took my first bite.

You can forget the overdone blood oranges and boxes designer mandarins and Clementines and leave off the plain old orange-oranges. THIS is an orange, if not THE orange to beat all other oranges. My teeth pressed into the rosy flesh, bursting through the skin. Sweet juice squirted into the air hitting me on my nose, running down my lips around my chin and along my neck. The whole fruit disappeared in seconds and I instantly wanted more. Pink Oranges are my new favorite citrus fruit!

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