Tuesday, February 9, 2010

DUK #6

Thanks to the ease and speed of Facebook, sometimes I forget to update major milestones at the blog level. I already have an app that feeds twitter into FB, now if they could just port my FB into full blog posts I would be set - no such iPhone app?  Oh well. I guess I will have to just do a summary pic presentation :)

DUK #6 - "Dady Underground Kitchen"

Chef Jason Dady  has been one of my local favorite chefs for years. My first taste of his food was at the Lodge on a dinner date, followed by my obsession with Grilled Chevre and the wine list at Bin 555. Tre Trattoria was an instant hit with us thanks to the Nutella x3. Two Bros BBQ and the cherry glazed ribs were also yummy, and Restaurant Insignia is our new favorite thanks to multiple occasions of "the perfect steak"

So when I found out I would get a chance to have Chef Jason Dady come to my home and prepare a multi course meal for 10 - I was a little giddy to say the least :)

Summary of events: Had more friends than 10, so the guest list was heart wrenching. I am counting on future DUK dates to make sure everyone gets to experience how great this is. Per instruction, made the wine assignments with my own twist - 10 bottles (2 matching per couple), all 90+ point. My guests did not disappoint. It was not only a blissful night of food, but also the wine was pretty amazing.
10 good friends, 10 bottles of great wine, 1 amazing Chef and his assistant Josh = Foodie Heaven

And the rest I will tell in pictures...
The menu (which I have hanging in my office currently because it makes me smile)
And I thought I used a lot of glassware on a normal dinner party night!

The wine...
A Champagne that made me re-admire the grape
A Chardonnay that was crisp and clean
A Pinot Noir that was yummy and Spurs Fan friendly
A Cab that will continue to forever be one of my classic favorites
A Sauterne that was super sweet and went very well with the dessert

The guests (this picture was taken at the end of the evening - note the super happy tummy smiles)

The Grilled Chevre that started my love affair with Bin555

Serious use of butter <3

Zucchini Mint Fritters - Yum!

Is it wrong that I was drooling over the Olive Oil as much as the wine?

"What's in your Fridge" - Magic Pop, Norwegian Nutella, Dried Cranberries & Olive Oil ... my new favorite snack

Pan Seared Scallop with Creamy Parsnip Puree, Roasted Caulifower, Lump Crab, and Spiced Beurre Blanc

Chef Jason Dady makes it look so easy!

Baby Arugula, Heirloom Tomato, English Cucumber, Cara Cara Orange and Haas Avocado

Is there anything more wonderful than Sous Vide? Chef Dady helped me gain ground on my efforts to get a Sous Vide Supreme for my kitchen!

Searing the steak after removing it from the Sous Vide bath

Sous Vide of Ribeye with Sunchokes, "Best Pear Ever", Fingerling Potatoes, and Seville Orange

Yes, after 3 years, I finished the Absinthe painting just for this occasion

Brioche never tasted so good!

Brioche French Toast with Blackberries, Meyer Lemon, and Vanilla Chantilly

Happiest little girl ever (and he made her a double helping)

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Great photos and what a fun evening.