Thursday, April 29, 2010


quick update on cool stuffs from recent times:

Still working on my Flying Saucer Gold plate for 200 beers.
I have made it to 146 and counting.
Summer is a great time for trying new beer

I am loving The Pinkus Organic line

Still in love with any and all Avery and Abita Beers (plus it's strawberry harvest season) - Abita Dinner at Bin 555 was delish can't wait for the next one!

And Real Ale in Blanco Texas can do no wrong - The Devil's Backbone is so yummy!

It's also the perfect time of year of grilling by the pool.

This was last weekend - BBQ chicken and grilled artichokes - also did a grilled "yardkill" veggie pizza and a few apps.

The pool is all sparkly and awesome right now. As long as this weather holds out it's going to be a great summer!

We had a blast at Cornyation this year. I figure if you're only going to do one Fiesta event a year this is definitely the way to go!

And I chopped off all my hair and donated 20" to Locks of Love :)

I love the new cut and my hair went to a great cause!

I ran my first race post cut and it's the best thing ever - no more ponytail issues!!!

Oh yea - and I finished my first half marathon last month - and have upped my racing schedule to 2 races per month.
Up next Beach To Bay Marathon Relay!!!

Life is good!

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