Sunday, January 2, 2011

"My Last Supper"

Two weeks ago I got news that a small bump behind my ear was a little more than a bump. In fact it was a tumor. The kind that we later discovered that Adam Yauch had and survived. (ironic fate for a Beastie Boys fan)

The options were few, leave it (not a good outlook) or treat it and the treatment is surgery. The surgery will leave a scar from the top of my ear, down my neck and a dent in the side of my face, but should be 100% curative and I can get back to my normal day to day life.

Adam has the same scar and dent that I have to look forward to. He is also making a movie and releasing a new album this year. I'm looking forward to kicking this thing's ass and finding my own new projects to conquer.

I opted to have 2 weeks with my family and friends before going under the knife. I had to make sure all was right with my world. My primary world being food, I knew that I had to get in one last pre-op spectacular meal and I am blessed enough to have just the people in my life to take on such a crazy request. I have spent the past 2 weeks trying to be as un-dramatic as possible because I know that tomorrow will be a breeze and in a few weeks I will be up and running like my normal self.

Side effects like loss of taste buds or paralyzing half my face are just not options I accept. I know I wont be able to feel my ear ever again, but who needs to feel their ear? Maybe I'll get a new piercing :P When I read through the list, the loss of taste buds probably scared me more than most things thus the "last supper" idea was formed.

I knew exactly where I wanted my "last supper" to take place. I emailed Chef Jason Dady and put in my request for a table at The Lodge Restaurant. The first reservation I made was for four. I figured I wanted my family there by my side. Then I found out I had awesome friends coming in from out of town who love The Lodge as much as I do. So I posted an event on Facebook and soon enough my party of four grew to fourteen.

There is nothing I enjoy more than a fabulous meal shared with friends. I am the luckiest girl in the world to be surrounded by so many amazing people who shared this night with me and helped me forget about how scared I am. I have spent the past two weeks doing my best to be brave and not show my fear, but honestly it's pretty freaking scary stuff and I'm just glad I'm surrounded by so much love and support.

They even indulged my whim to get a "Last Supper" photo at the end of the meal. I love this picture, and I also love every single person in the photo. They are the best!

We arrived at the lodge and headed to the bar for cocktails. From scotch to dirty martinis and glasses of wine, we all started the night off well.

Once we were seated it was announced that we were going "off-menu" for the evening and were about to indulge in my most favorite thing - a tasting menu. I cannot tell you how impressive it was to watch the staff handle this rowdy group of fourteen. We had a vegetarian, a pescatarian, a hard shell seafood allergy, and someone who ate kosher. None of this phased the kitchen. Course after course arrived matching the needs of the guests and everyone had an amazing time.

Words cannot do this meal justice. It was a combination of my favorite dishes and a few new hits. The best I can do is share some food porn and recommend you head to The Lodge Restaurant to try for yourself.
Ahi Tartare

Seared Diver Sea Scallop w/Brown butter

Butternut Squash Bisque w/"Cinnamon Toast Crunch"
Foie Gras with huckleberry and fennel pollen
Sous vide pork loin - sweet vermouth
Atlantic salmon & couscous
Brioche butter apple blue cheese Moroccan tomato

Hot vs cold. Scallop sashimi v grilled
Nutella soufflé with peanut butter mousse
Chimichurri Steak with winter hash
This is me - post feast with Chef Robbie and Chef Dady - two of my most favorite people in all the world (even before this amazing evening)  The food and wine on this evening were beyond all expectation. I cannot say Thank You enough to Chef Jason Dady and his amazing team who made this night possible for me. They took care of us from start to finish and reminded me yet again why The Lodge is my favorite San Antonio foodie spot.

And a special shout out to Josh Kirk and the staff for taking care of all the "special" needs of the table. I have never seen such amazing service with such an odd group of food restrictions. And to Chef Robbie for making the Hot vs. Cold scallops. That dish made me want to be a pescatarian (and then the chimichurri steak brought me right back :)

I am looking forward to heading back for a post-op "first supper" when I am all healed up and back to myself again. These kinds of meals make life worth living.

And if the "Last Supper" wasn't enough, while following my pre-op instructions of no eating after 5pm the day before surgery, I made sure to schedule a brunch for this morning. I took my family and met up with my fellow foodie @WaspyRedHead. We headed over to one of my other favorite Dady spots - Restaurant Insignia  As normal Sunday morning ritual there is nothing better than great food with a sparking beverage! To my surprise, I was greeted with my most favorite mimosa listed on the menu as "Adele's Absinthe" - After a few of those and a most fabulous brunch (the lobster crepes are fantastic) I am feeling like a total Rock Star! A huge thanks to Mr. Joshua Sellers for making my day with that surprise (and my favorite morning beverage!)
Adele's Absinthe
Lobster & Cream Cheese Crepes

Again, so many thanks to the people who made this night (and following morning) so perfect. To my family for putting up with my crazy pre-op requests, and to the countless friends who have sent messages, texts, emails, etc. with prayers and well wishes. I'm going in tomorrow to get this "bump" removed and I will be fine no matter what happens. I am truly blessed to have so many people in my life who are this wonderful. I love you all! ... and I cant wait to post again in a few weeks when I'm all healed up and back to my normal food obsessed self. (and I'm totally going to rock the scar - and maybe a new tattoo? :)


Anonymous said...

Adele, I can't wait to hear how you're doing and long to hear the side effects, dent and scar are less than expected!

Chris Petro

Mey said...

Wow Adele,
I didn't know about your surgery...
I hope everything went well and you are recuperating! i am sending positive energy your way ;D
Mey-AKA YuppieFoodie

Mary Lee said...

Much love to you guys, sad to have missed the last supper, and sure hope you heal up fast for your first supper Adele.