Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Greenling Quickfire Round 10

Tonight's Greenling Surprise Me item was Watermelon radish! I love this veggie and pick them up any time I see them at farmers's markets or at the grocery.

Round and encased in a pale green, thin skin, the watermelon radish has pinkish-red flesh, with a mild, sweet flavor.  

I love to pickle these radishes, but since I had already used that approach with the breakfast radishes on a previous challenge I opted to take a different approach. I once had a really great radish tempura. So why not deep fry them and make chips?
 This week I also decided to switch up my beverage selection from wine to beer. And since this is Top Chef Texas - I opened up a few of my favorite Texas beers.

Texas has so many great brews to choose from but Shiner is almost always at the top of my list as a great Texas standard. 

Their Holiday Cheer seasonal is a fantastic mix of peaches and pecans and always a winter favorite in my house. The bottles are labeled with a cute gift tag and make great gifts.
 Back to tonight's dish. I decided to tap into one of my favorite secret ingredients to finish off the radish chips. 

Truffle salt

This amazing jar is filled with some of my favorite spice ever. I picked up the jar based on a foodie recommendation at Central Market from my favorite resident foodie Mimi. 

She made duck fat fried potatoes with this salt and I've used it on every chip made in my house since.

 To go with the chips I pulled out a giant loaf of sourdough bread from my Greenling farmstead box.

Sweetish Hill makes some of the most fantastic baked goods ever. This bread is no exception.

I also had some leftover lobster tail in my fridge from last night's dinner of trufled lobster mac and cheese - sometimes I really love my fridge :)

As a native New Englander these ingredients can only mean one thing - Lobster Roll!
 My basic lobster roll recipe has a slight twist of Sriracha - then again, most of my recipes have that same twist. I must go through a bottle or more of this stuff a month.

I also added some chopped sweet onion, a tiny bit of fresh mayo, chopped celery, salt and pepper.

Mixed all of that up with the lobster meat in a small bowl and then topped off the amazing sourdough, and squeezed a bit of fesh lime on top of the lobster meat mixture,
 The result?

Possibly one of my new favorite dinners of all time. My daughter downed hers in record time and asked for seconds.

Luckily greenling sent two gigantic watermelon radishes and we had an entire pile of chips to finish off (which we did)

The watermelon radish chip was absolutely fantastic - slightly sweet and super savory.
I'm now watching Top Chef and it's Restaurant Wars! One of my favorite episodes each season.

Paul Qui is making roasted pork belly - OMG yum!

My favorite beer to pair with pork belly? Texas's own Real Ale Lost Gold IPA

Cheers to all the cheftestants!

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