Monday, December 29, 2008

coppola magnum

Coppola Blue Label Merlot, 2005

Turkey Osso Bucco, in a chardonnay mirepoix, with a roasted garlic gremolata

Roasted Butternut Squash Polenta, with Parmigano and Fontina

Italian Brioche with Artichoke Pesto

Pumpkin Tiramisu, made with Starbucks Christmas Blend and Grand Marnier

The menu from the dinner party I threw this weekend.
The theme came from the magnum of Coppola that didn’t fit in the wine racks, and an overwhelming urge to use my new oversized cast iron pot.

I am very amused that both the wine label and the cast iron pot were in a matching shade of blue.

I roasted the butternut squash with olive oil and salt/pepper and it came out delicious. I saved a few crescent shapes for garnishing before I made up the polenta. I trimmed out the turkey legs for presentation and made the gremolata with my new favorite recipe:

Italian parsley - minced
Lemon zest
Lemon juice
Pine nuts
Roasted garlic (roast the night before)

Dinner was yum…. No leftovers (party for 8)… and everyone cleaned their plates. I’ll have to redesign the recipe for leftovers. I can only imagine it’s one of those “even better the next day “dishes.


Christine said...

So, I'm (finally) home. I wanted to try the Fresh Farmacy soap you had showed me which meant I went by the Lush store in O-town right before dropping my baby brother at the airport. I ran in, quickly explained to the girl what I was after and why, asked for a shampoo recommendation as well. I walked out with a massive bar of soap (I asked her for enough to last a month. I think this will last a year!) some Curly Wurly shampoo, and about 10 or so samples. Holy cow! So, between the masses of stuff you sent me home with and the samples I got today, I'm pretty sure I'll have a firm grasp on my feelings for Lush before too long :) I really wish I'd had time to look around the store instead of just running in and out; their website appears to have a lot of products I wouldn't mind trying. I suppose it's probably better that I can go back after I've had a chance to sample their wares though.

Oh, and the store in O-town had B1G3 free soaps and b1g1 free christmas boxes. If only I'd had time to look through them!!

Christine said...

Okay, and so I've been using the Fresh Farmacy soap for just a few days now, but man is it making a difference in my face. I'm *so* glad you told me about that stuff! I suspect you've never tried the Curly Wurly shampoo (it's for curly headed folks.) Some genius decided to put real bits of coconut in it. So, I now have bits of coconut scattered throughout my hair, and there's no way they're coming out without a fight -- I have too much hair! At least my hair smells good, right?

Thought you could use a chuckle.