Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hannah Montana Release

Should I be concerned that on my commute into the office this morning I found an insightful work related song? I am driving a rental until my car gets fixed form the wreck. Figures no German car parts are in stock anywhere near here.
Rental has satellite radio and I have been sampling the airwaves on my commute each day. Radio Disney is a few clicks away from Raw Dog which makes me laugh too much (broken ribs).

Hannah Montana must have dealt with last minute release loading issues to pull this one off:

Sometimes I'm in a jam
I've gotta make a plan

It might be crazy

I do it anyway
No way to know for sure

I'll figure out a cure
I'm patchin' up the holes

But then it overflows
If I'm not doin' to well

Why be so hard on my self?


Sometimes I work a scheme

But then it flips on me

Doesn't turn out how I planned

get stuck in quick sand

No problem, can't be solved

Once I get involved
I try to be delicate
Then crash right into it

My intentions are good

Sometimes just misunderstood


Next time you feel like...
it's just one of those days...

when you just can't seem to win

If things don't turn out the way you plan,

Don't stay down! Try again! YEAH!

I think I will have to download the mp3 to listen to today while I try to find out who has the patches for the holes in 2008.02 Indirect lending purge fatals. I have a deadline of Sunday January 11,2009 to get this release up and running without corrupting the system. I escalated the cases, and now I am just waiting for a patch re-install. Maybe it's about time to start up a indirect lending module support group? Symitar is being supportive, but I think they're feeling the stress form this one too.

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