Thursday, December 1, 2011

Greenling Quickfire Round 4-5

Thanksgiving vacation put a delay in my blogging and Quickfire challenge, but I made sure to play catch up this week with a fantastic yummy ingredient.

This week's Greenling Box Surprise Me item was Sunflower Sprouts! 

Sunflower sprouts are baby sunflowers. They make an inexpensive and tasty nutritional addition to any salad or green smoothie.

Fresh, crunchy, and slightly nutty in flavor they are grown indoors all year round, providing lovely fresh greens in the depths of winter. They can also be grown outdoors when the weather is warm. They are an awesome treat.
In the theme of Top Chef Texas I decided to try out the sunflower sprouts with one of my favorite standard recipes I learned in this great state. Chilaquiles!

I heated some organic black beans in a small sauce pot and cracked some farm fresh eggs into my wok. When making Chilaquiles I love using my wok to toss around all of the ingredients.

The first time I had Chilaquiles was in College Station,TX served at a cute Bed & Breakfast. I loved the salty chips and the chile peppers with the fresh eggs. It became an instant hit in my own home.

I had a bag of leftover Xochitl organic white corn chips sitting up on the counter from a dinner party the previous week. One of the best parts of Chilaquiles is using up leftover chips. They don't have to be super fresh, and maybe it's just my own superstition, but I'm pretty sure this dish comes out ten times better when you use leftover almost stale chips.

After the eggs were cooked about halfway through I added a little milk and the chips to the wok. I then cooked the egg and chip mixture until the eggs were cooked all the way through and scrambled.

I also chopped up one of the Russet potatoes from my greenling box, tossed in olive oil, sea salt, and pepper and roasted in the oven for twenty minutes for another side dish.

 Then I added the sunflower sprouts and let them cook down for about three to four minutes on medium. I wanted to bring out their nutty flavor but not over-cook them.

After adding the sprouts I tossed in a chopped up tomato from my "tomato seconds" and a chopped up green hatch chile from my freezer stash.

Once the tomato and chile peppers were heated up I turned off the burner and topped with a handful of raw milk cheddar cheese.

I like melting the cheese last after the burner is turned off to prevent it from separating or over-melting.
The finished dish... Sunflower Sprout Chilaquiles, with black bean and roasted potato sides. Is there anything better than breakfast for dinner? 

This dish was an A+ hit and I'll be ordering more Sunflower Sprouts from Greenling in the future to recreate this vitamin packed delicious dish.

I finally got caught up on Top Chef last night and was delighted to see Paul Qui kicking some ass and taking the much deserved win. I am also craving brussel sprouts.

Can't wait until next week's box and Top Chef Episode!

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