Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Greenling Quickfire Round Seven

Tonight's Greenling box had a repeat Surprise Me item. The Sunflower Sprouts reappeared in my box!  This was not a bad thing at all - who doesn't love a repeat of one of their favorites. But it would be cheating to remake the same dish, so I decided to add a twist and try to use my farmstead box items as well.

The Greenling Farmstead box is a collection of items for $15  - "A selection of local farmstead & artisan products that changes weekly! Might contain local cheeses, bread, meat, eggs, sweets, beverages, or prepared foods." 

I started ordering the farmstead option about a year ago and have loved the food craftsman variety!

I decided to take the delicious looking croissants from Sweetish Hill and use up some leftovers in my fridge and make a chicken salad croissant. 

I pulled out my handy dandy Zyliss chopper and threw in some cooked chicken breast, celery, and a granny smith apple. Added 2 Tbsp of light mayo, sea salt and pepper to taste, and a sprig of fresh dill for good measure. I also added in a couple of seedless green grapes with the apples for a pseudo Waldorf spin.

Mixed up everything in a bowl and then made up my croissant sandwiches using the Sunflower Sprouts and a couple of slices of tomatoes from the leftover tomato I had from last week's "tomato seconds".

The finished result was a tasty light sandwich treat for dinner tonight. The spicy sprouts were fantastic with my Waldorf Chicken Salad and I've decided in the past year or so that anything baked by Sweetish Hill is buttery perfection!

Can't wait for tonight's episode of Top Chef Texas!

I saw tequila on their quickfire highlight reel. I think I'm getting off super easy with yummy sunflower sprouts!

Go Paul Go!!!

I'll be tweeting and toasting Paul tonight with a big glass of Texas Red and my yummy farmstead box dessert of Chocolate Goddess Clusters by  New Earth !

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