Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Pandas are coming

I saw this in the news this morning:

Panda Attacks Man... Again

I am amused by the previous drunken attack where the man bit back.

The story reminded me of the Sifl & Olly "Panda Song"

After dark the pandas stalk
Nightmare creatures with black hearts
Ravenous teeth that glow in the dark
feasting on bums that sleep in the park

the panda is indeed the most mysterious of all creatures
shrouded in the enigma of it's black and white coat
what kind of camouflage is this?
black and white?
hiding in an Oreo factory could be
that's just another chapter in the endless saga of the panda!

the pandas are coming!
to rip off your head!
the pandas are coming!
on a rampage of the dead!

1 comment:

Christine said...

What is wrong with people? Why would you climb into an animal's cage? Do people not comprehend that there's a 5 foot barrier there for a reason? *rolls eyes*