Saturday, April 12, 2008

american airlines

So I checked this morning and so far both my md80's are flying today. The prop from alaskan airlines however is having mechanical issues so now I am waiting standby to try and get to portland before my miracle american flight takes off. Seriously, I am not having good luck with the airlines lately.

On cnn right now they're showing the you tube girl beat down. I can't help but laugh that it was a group of florida kids who did this. What the hell is wrong with that state? They're showing video of the girls in court, smiling and laughing. I wonder how funny they'll find jail?
They keep saying that th "worst" of the video isn't being shown. But what they are showing is pretty bad.

And then there is the polygamy sect out of texas. Hello? These places are everywhere! Why not shut them all down?
I think I just reminded myself of why I don't watch the news anymore. Its miserable and depressing. And I really could care less about rob lowe's nanny or tony parker's fake french mistress.

I am hoping to get to portland in time for a quick trip to powell's. I am out of books to read. Need non tv stimulation!

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