Saturday, April 12, 2008

from zer0 to sixty blog posts

I am horrible about blogging, except for when travelling. And now with myspace mobile I am amusing myself via pda. Myspace, twitter, g-chat, and all the other randomness bookmarked on my phone to keep the insanity to a minimum.
I am in portland now, went out for a quick bite to gusteaus... I love their spicy mustard. But now I still have almost 4 hours to kill. in good news, american upgarded me to first class for the rest of the night. That will help with the 4 hour flight between here and dallas. Really doent do much on the midnight flight to sa.
Anyone else out there on twitter? I made fun of it for months, then I realized it's like having an emo type pad for random thoughts. Seeing as how my memory worsens over the years, the mini thought collection of twitter is a fun reminder and has less chances of poisoning me (ink on skin) I think I want a photo twitter. The restaurant restroom had a amusing sign on the toilet handle. It read up for number one, down for number two. Then it had a drop icon for 1 and a poo icon for 2. Very random, cute, yet disturbing potty. I guess it uses less water for pee than other waste?

In other randomness... I got my trader joes fix this trip and picked up a case of dried pineapple stix. I also managed to find mcminamins pear brandy. It's like taking a shot of everclear and then biting into a bosc pear.
I picked up truffles for coworkers and a random assortment of gifts for ppl. Some of which actually read this so I will warn that I suck at the whole surprise aspect.
Short list of fun finds;
Cthulu munchkin
Handmade cufflinks using parts from an old typewriter
Talking pigeon and book
Handmade marcasite swirly necklace
Garbage pail kids (circa 1986 still in original packaging) I wonder how nasty that gum is in there?
Small plastic dolphin
2 pairs of shoes
Baby onesie - dirty dancing themed "nobody puts baby in the corner"
And I am sure I forgot something.. But I don't feel like checking twitter to remember what it was :)

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