Friday, April 11, 2008

table for one

There is really nothing more depressing than eating alone. I travel a lot and over the years I have gotten creative about finding ways to amuse myself away from home. Sushi bars are alwyas good if you can find a chatty chef, benihana is another fun place since you wind up sitting with a group of strangers and it's fun to play along as part of the group. But there is no benihana here and I am burnt out on sushi, so I opted for a riverside grill with a nice view of the snow and mounatins. They wouldn't let me order food at the bar (which is another lone diner tactic) so here I am sitting at a table for 4. Alone. I keep getting weird stares and I know people are pissed about their hour wait since I am taking up a table. I am half tempted to go back up to the bar and invite some people to join me and avoid the wait.
After dinner I have nothing to do, nowhere to go. My flight (if american doesn't cancel it) doesn't leave until noon tomorrow. This trip has been fun, I got a really great response from the group on my presentation. Met lots of nice people and even had a few job offers which is always good for the ego. What I really want more than anything is to be home right now. But thanks to the wonderful FAA or whomever is responsible for the airline mess I am stuck in oregon, alone and bored. The slopes close at sunset so no more snowboarding, the shops close at 6 so no more shopping. All that's left is the bars and clubs and I am just not in the mood to do that either.

On a lighter note, I ordered a baked sweet potato and I actually got a sweet potato and not a yam! There is a difference! Yum yum. I guess I'll go back to my sweet potato solitude now :)

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