Saturday, April 19, 2008

I am a published recording artist with pretty hair

Memphis is on my list of favorite things.

Here' a quick recap of my week:

Went to sun studios, and cut my first album in the very same studio Elvis and johnny cash once recorded in. I even used the mic Elvis sang "that's alright" into ( had to sign a disclaimer that stated I would not "lick, kiss, or touch my mouth to it" I thought that was amusing.
I am in the airport right now, but when I get back I'll post some pics of my recording debut and the trip in general. When we went down to sun, it was early and they hadn't opened yet so we walked across the street to a coffee bar for breakfast. Halfway through breakfast a guy walks up, places a business card on the table, says "this is for you" and runs away (literally). It was so very odd. I picked up the card and read the name -keith something and it was a business card for the tire alignment business next door. I flipped the card over and it read "if you want to talk to someone new... I like to text mess I like your hair it's pretty"
It was creepy. We hung out in the coffee bar trying to figure out the back way in case he was lurking outside. He was, but he just stood at the doorway of the tire place staing me down and I ran back to sun studios. After we finished the tour and recording he was gone, but the whole situation was so weird!
Next we walked back down beale st. Had mint juleps at a side bar, grabbed lunch at a local grill then headed into gibson and took the factory tour. Oh the beautiful toys... My es-335 was made there :) my les pauls were made in nashville I found out and overall it was a ton of fun. I used my willpower and did not buy the light blue dave grohl custom piece I was drooling over. After gibson we visited the memphis rock and soul museum. They had a bunch of great exhibits. We headed back to the hotel for the vendor expo/welcome party. It was nice. A bunch of us headed back down to beale for drinks afterwards and more karoke. I wound up getting to sleep at 4am with a mystery bruise on my shoulder. The next day I gave a session on change control and documentation that went over really well. I got lots of great feedback. That night we went to graceland for dinner, music, drinks and dancing. Graceland was way way smaller than I thought it would be, but still lots of fun. After graceland we headed back to the hotel for a rooftop party and then back to beale for more fun. Yesterday I got picked to play jeopardy and wound up winning an ipod which I traded with some guy for a tom tom gps. I already have more ipods than I know what to do with.
I gave another session on rep dev, and then we went walking around and shopping. We wound up having dinner back at the hotel at chez phillipe. Super yummy 7 course tasting menu with wine pairings (3.5 hour meal)
It was a great end to a great week. Oh... And the waiter at dinner last night wrote his phone number down on a sheet of paper and passed it to me. Wtf? All week I have been getting cards, numbers, and weird looks. I need to find a new perfume or something. The running conference joke was about my "pretty hair". Everywhere I turned someone was handing me a business card with pick up line comments on the back. It was funny for about the first 5 times... I am so over it
Time to get on yet another airplane...

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