Monday, April 28, 2008

working on SSCUG

I tend to take on multiple large projects at once.

For example. I have three large scale work projects in progress, school (2 finals this wek) and to top it all off I have SSCUG to wrap up in appx 2-3 weeks.

Today I was finalizing the booklet for the printers and I decided to do a lexicon of industry terminologies.

SSCUG – Symitar South Central Users Group – Hosts the Symitar community Sforum

– Symitar Midwest Users Group – Hosts the Symitar community listserv of the same name. To subscribe, visit

To view the SMUG archives, visit

SymEast – The Eastern Symitar Users Group -

NWUG – NorthWest Users Group -

SWUG – SouthWest Users Group -

SYMWiki – The Symitar Wiki -

RepGen – (aka, RG, PowerOn, specfiles, PORC (Power On RepGen Code), is the community standard name for the proprietary programming language that Symitar makes available to clients within the Episys core platform.

NTMC – (aka, MCW, Member Connect Web, NetTeller MemberConnect, Home Banking) Symitar’s home banking package.

SymiGoddess – Hosts the unofficial Client Conference/User Group apparel and merchandise. All proceeds from this website are donated to the Children’s Miracle Network.

I did a letter style opening and signed it Symigoddess too. I am hoping that comes off as lighthearted as I meant it and not pretentious. I am trying not to over think the process too much.
When I became chairman (chairwoman, chairperson) of the group I decided to make a concerted effort to bring my energy into the group and make things enjoyable and fun. We all need more fun in this world, Right?

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