Wednesday, April 16, 2008

walking in memphis

how is it that I have never made it to this wonderful place before now???

sun studios

gibson custom showcase

bb king's blues club

I am thinking a Gibson guitar factory tour is in order. I will be in need of a miracle of willpower not to come home with a new toy.

Tonight was fun. dinner at BB King's, jazz/blues music, yummy ribs, fun drinks, followed by karaoke further down on Beale St. We had 20 or so people in our group and I was the only one who sang, so I said fuck it and sang twice. I heart karaoke!

tomorrow will be sun studios and gibson heaven. Then I will be speaking Thurs and Fri, and at some point we're doing a tour/dinner at Graceland too.

flew first class into memphis. I am getting spoiled and I may never travel coach again. Seriously, first class is the only place I can fly in comfort being this damn tall. A vendor was in first class with me and started asking the stewardess to take my picture with him for his blog. He was just being silly. She asked me later who I was and could she get my autograph. I was in hysterics. My new line... "No, I am not famous, that's just how I roll."

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